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Felt like playing with a brush yesterday and decided to do a background of sorts~

3x3 in(ches) 30 minutes with a brush my sister stepped on,
japanese ink (I have no idea of their banding gomen) on bristol paper.

let’s post this at 3am

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Posted 1 month ago

Commission by mi amigo Lavender-Shine~!

Snippity snipes! 

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More of my tests from yesterday, just with more layers… and (re-understanding) tweening

kinda reminds me a bit of thing-thing/ Alien hominid in that recoil xD;
Strange Hale’s Own Stock Launcher was stolen from Soldier (TF2)

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I even forgot to save the damn thing :’D
all isn’t lost tho, doing it now.

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Flips and shit

currently playing around in flash again, I’mma see how far I can take thiss

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Berlin street artistVermibus dissolves advertisements with solvents, giving them an eerie mummified look. 

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A bunch of References for you lovelies! As always, I am taking requests to help out my fellow artists with references of whatever you need! <3

Download Link:

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Here are the studies I did for my elements class this semester. Some are more rushed or just less successful than others but overall I’m happy with the end result.

these would do a great minecraft texture pack holy shit

Need to do this.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only person thinking about Minecraft just looking at this

(Source: bopxdraws)

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